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During one of the famous interviews of Fr. Malachi Martin, exorcist and Vatican insider, with Art Bell, I noticed a very peculiar interaction with a caller. The interview took place on 7/11/97.

The Nephilim and Father Malachi Martin

An an interview with Art Bell
(call in portion of the show)

Art Bell: east of the Rockies you are on the air with Fr. Malachi Martin.

Caller: Hello. How are you today Art?

Art: Where are you?

Caller: I’m from Austin, Texas. And I believe that it was you, Art, first of all that were asking why there was such a big change in the catholic church. I was just going to suggest that if you think about it there’s probably no other religion anywhere that is as quite as organized as that so if you were wanting to weaken (pause) ‘something’ (pause) that would be a good place to hit first, wouldn’t it?

Fr. Malachi Martin: yes it would!

Caller: and for the Father there I wondered has he encountered any things that are left from before, that were, I guess you’d have to say, heaven and hell were separate.

FMM: I don’t really understand the question fully. Can you repeat it?

Caller: Things that were around ‘before there was a world’

FMM: Before there was a world…

Caller: Yeahhhh

FMM: Uh, well, Lucifer, and Satan, and the other devils, that we deal with today, existed before there was a world

Caller: Um Hmm. Anything besides them?

FMM: yes

Art: yes????

FMM: a whole lot of stuff for which we have no human names.

Art: now there is an answer I did NOT expect.

FMM: well its very hard because there are no names, we have no human names, because we have no physical images so we can’t have human knowledge of it… is very hard to explain this… it does belong to the dimensional area of life. But not the tri-dimensional area of life that WE know. If it doesn’t bore you too much, here is the idea. The universe as we have it today is a reconstructed universe.

Art Bell: This is, uh, I’m going to ask you both to hold on and we’ll pick up on this after the top of the hour. This is too good to let go, so can everybody hold on?

FMM: sure

Caller: alright

Art Bell: good. Both of you then hold tight. We were talking other-dimensional beings prior to mankind’s appearance on earth. We’ll pick up on that when we come right back…. (station break)

Art Bell: Back now with Fr. Malachi Martin in Manhattan. Father, how are you holding up?

FMM: Fine! I could not be better, Art!

Art Bell: Great! This was one of the most interesting questions, or answers to a question that i’ve ever heard. Caller, are you there?

Caller: Yes I am

Art Bell: Alright, the question was: What was on earth, if anything, before man? Father, you said, Satan and his disciples were here, but you also said there were others as well.

FMM: Yes. I take it, Art, that the phrase you used just now ‘on earth’ refers to the tridimensional existence that we know.

Art Bell: Yes sir.

FMM: ok. What impedes our mind’s understanding….the answer to Daniel’s question, Daniel from Austin’s question, is the fact that our minds and our education have been veered as it were, programmed on the idea of evolution, Darwin’s evolution. The Darwinian idea of evolution. It is a mythical idea and it has nothing to do with reality, it doesn’t explain reality, but it does… its in our minds and it blocks our intelligence. If you read… if it seems that I am rambling, but I’m not really, if you read the first twelve chapters of Genesis especially the first six or seven of them, you will find that interlaced with names and supposedly historical references, there are phrases and there are sentences which suppose the existence of beings for which we have no names. They call them ‘sons of men’ or ‘sons of God’ bene elohim as they call it, in Hebrew, and the daughters of men and et cetera, and the giants that lived in those days .. and the old writers putting this bible together in the 9th century BC, from the records they had, were doing their best to make a coherent statement and all they could do was gather testimony.

What i was referring to was this: it would seem… it would tke a long time to explain it, though, it would seem that the universe as we know it today, you and I and Daniel, and the rest of us, is a reconstruction, of a universe that was almost destroyed by the first phase of God’s creation, namely, the angelic world. Um, and the very form of our bodies, the VERY FORM of our bodies, is an ad hoc restoration by God, and we won’t have this sort of our bodies when we are in heaven. We will have our bodies, but not this sort of a body.

Now, a reconstruction implies that there are those of Lucifer and the angels who went with him, the Bible says one third, and you know that the bible’s numbers are just numerically interesting, uh, they revolted and they almost destroyed the first handiwork of God and the restoration, in view of the coming of Christ later on, MUCH later on.

Now, what existed before that, that was destroyed by that, this terrible war, the revolt, by the first creatures that came from God’s hands, that we call angels…. the word angel itself is an ad hoc name as we say, because there is nothing specific about it, at all, and we say ‘how to be specific about an angel?’, but anyway the beings that existed, and the form they took, we have no human word for it.

Uh, those chapters of Genesis, the early chapters, they try to fix names like the ‘sons of God’ or the ‘Bene Elohim’, and ‘Bene ha Adam’ the ‘sons of man’, and the giants and et cetera, they’re all ad hoc names so we’re at a loss, we would not recognize them, uh, as humans in our sense of the word. What is human for us is something with legs and arms and a belly and genitals and head and arms and exiting from the birth canal of a woman.

But then, what we’re left with, and where we can track it, it is difficult and a LONG tracking process, is this: that there IS this ‘middle plateau’ which is the remnant of the old created material cosmos and on that plateau Lucifer and his crowd still function, and will until the last day of the cosmos until they are blown away by the breath of Christ’s mouth and only heaven and hell exist. That is certainly not much of an explanation but at least its the start, the first level of an expression, an explanation of what i meant.

Art Bell: Help you out, caller?

Caller: I was wondering if you had very much problem dealing with those types of entities there, the ‘leftovers’

FMM: If I stay with my protection, no. If I step outside my protection, yes, I have what can literally be called a hell of an amount of trouble.

Caller: (chortle) ok

Later, at the end of the interview, Fr. Martin says ‘we don’t know how much damage was done during that war.

I found it peculiar that the caller, Daniel from Austin, knew so much, so confidently, about such an obscure area in scripture that has been so poorly explained by the Church.

We do know that the nephilim are mentioned in scripture, in Genesis, and we know that giants were around for many years after the Flood, as David fought the giant Goliath who had several brothers. We also have mention of them in the New Testament, where the apostles warn us of the angels who left their first place and were punished by God.

The majority of our knowledge of these beings (not creatures) called giants comes from the books of Enoch and other apocryphal writings. They can be called the ‘soul-less’ ones, merely spirits, because God created each living being ‘according to its kind.’ Since these offspring were not created by God, but were an illicit blending of two creatures (angelic and human) they had no souls which MUST be created by God.

IN the Book of Enoch, these fallen angels asked Enoch to intercede to God for them for their ‘offspring’. This made God angry, as he said that the women were made for men, not for the angels, and therefore the beings, their offspring, would not receive anything from God.

Many of the demons that Fr. Martin and other exorcists must battle with, the possessing spirits, are those offspring who desire a union with material bodies once again.

If blended chimeras have no souls created by God, the ones we are making now by blending the dna of animals and humans, insects and humans, and other multiple life forms also have no souls, and are ready for possession by these soul-less entities.

This interaction is heard at 2:25:03

The Origin of Demons as explained in the Book of Enoch.

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